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  1. 2010.11.17 Introduction of Android app 'BikeTrack' release!

  Hi there!
 Rharham interactive has released an android application  "Bike track" on android market!
 Definetly 'Must-have' app especially for bike-lovers(and bike-travelers).

- 'Dashboard' with numerical value of driving information!

- Courses tracked by GPS and showed on a google map!
- 'Graph' for easy glance of your driving status!
- Attaching memo, photos on any location in the courses!
- You can save any courses you drive with driving information,
what's more, there is no need to deal with PC for transfering!
just up&download courses by one-click with whis app!
- You can even follow courses which other people uploaded!
 (with false following alarm function)

  Even if you are Not a bike-lover, you've got to  try, this app is so useful!

what are you waiting for? go to the android market and download it right now!

 Name       :  BikeTrack

 Price       :  Free
 Language :  Korean, English
 Developer : Rharham Interactive Inc.
 Support version : Later than 1.6

 Download link : 

  This is the first screen you will see. Pushing 'Start' will directly bring you into recording process.

if you touch 'Course none', it will bring you to the import page so that you can chooose other course recorded previously.
 As soon as you touch "Start" to start the recoeding process , you will see this 'Dashboard' screen, the one of three modes in recording process.

 It shows you many numerical values of your current driving information.
  This is the map screen , the one of three modes in recording process.

 You can add any memos and photo at anypoint you want, and that would be saved in the course data.
   This graph also one of three modes in recording process.

 You can have easy glance of your driving status.

 X-axis indicates
 -'Total distance traveled' 
 Y-axis indicates
 -'Average elevation', 'Average speed'
What you can do here with courses you drive
- adding details like title,description, difficulty, sort of driving on it.
-  saving them and load on the map whenever you want.
- uploading on bike track web-server.
 You can check some specific details before you bring a course upon the map.

  By pushing 'Search' , you can search courses(recorded by other people) in your area from website 'biketrack'(biketrack.co.kr)
 The range you can set is 0.5km in minimum to unlimited.

  You can search a lot of courses over the Web and you can download and bring them up to this app.


You will get some result from searching with a keyword, and you can get more  specific informations by pushing 'triangle icon'.

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